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Sealed Auction Sale of The View Golf Resort

The View Golf Resort was conceptualized and constructed by the Stuber family, who have operated it since 2004. After 14 years, the owners are now ready to retire and want to sell this business and all of its assets. With the intention of finding a buyer prior to the start of the upcoming 2018 operating season, the owners have decided to hold a sealed-bid auction for this property. The Bidder Information Package provides the bidder with information about the property and assets, the current business status, and the bidding process. Key points which should be highlighted include:
  • This sale is NOT being forced by a bank or anyone outside the business. The owners have delayed their retirement and are now ready to sell this beautiful property to someone who can continue to make the property a successful business. 
  • Rather than a typical business sale, this should be thought of as a sale of property and assets which a new owner can use to build the property of their dreams. This property includes a 5500 sq. ft. clubhouse with a lounge and restaurant, a 4500 sq. ft. accommodation building with six modern and comfortable suites, and a golf course on over 120 acres of land. With all the infrastructure, furnishings, and equipment, the replacement cost is estimated at over $3 million CAD. The winning bidder will receive the business (strong reputation and clientele) plus its assets which could be used to build a larger resort or repurposed into any number of things. 
  • While there are many sole proprietors who will find this property to be a bargain at the current asking price, others may find it more affordable and manageable to share the investment between a small group of co-owners. This has worked very well at other resorts as it reduces individual investment and combines partners who can offer a variety of strengths and ideas. 
Submit your most competitive bid now, so that you don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity! The current owners fully intend to have this property sold before the 2018 tourist season so, if you have ever dreamed of owning a property like this, now is time to act.

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March 12 2018.

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