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The current conditions are:    (click icon for a full forecast)

Our weather is different from St. John's or Trinity:   Our forecast is generated at our nearest weather station, which is in Bonavista. Because our resort is located between two large hill ranges and is on the more sheltered side of the peninsula, our weather is somewhat unique to the region. People often make the mistaken assumption that poor weather in St. John's, Clarenville, Bonavista, or Trinity means that we have poor weather as well.  Yet, it is quite often the case that the weather here is nice even when it is poor in the areas surrounding us.  As the locals say:    
  "Bonavista and Trinity may be so fogged-in that you can't find them on the map, but it'll still be sunny in Summerville."

Our weather is not like the Arctic:   Another misconception that tourists have about our weather is that it is cold because Newfoundland appears so far north on the map. In reality, the maps are misleading because Newfoundland is further south than much of the rest of Canada. In fact, The View Golf Resort is located further south than Victoria, BC!  Since it is an island, the weather is moderated greatly by the ocean.  It is true that the summer heat rarely exceeds 30C, but it usually stays in the comfortable range of 15C to 25C.  In the winter, it rarely drops below -15C and usually stays between +5C and -10C.  While some areas are more prone to rain, drizzle, and fog, this is not true of the inland areas or sheltered bays like the one The View Golf Resort resides on.

Please do not be misled by poor weather forecasts. If in doubt, please contact us to get the current conditions and forecast.